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The Uri Attack - Patriots VS Traitors / This video is only for Adults

  September 26, 2016

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In one of the traumatic attacks on Indian Soldiers, the Uri Attack which took place on 18th September 2016, leaving around 23 Indian Soldiers slain and many more injured fatally.
Though shocking has been the nature of attack ,what has rocked the diaspora of Soldiers family and patriots is the utter insensitivity with which certain sections of Political heads,media honchos and undeserving leaders have been reacting to one of the gravest terrorist infiltration.
In times when a son of your own family is killed brutally, and then the assasined is mocked about; the father in those moments of despondency has no choice but to resort to the furious cry of war.
A war against those who know nothing and speak non sense .
A war against those who feel nothing and mutter idiosyncratic matters.
A war of Patriots VS Traitors.
Grandmaster Shifuji challenges mightily to all those who are resorting to cheapest means possible to demean his sons, his Indian soldiers.
Wake up to a compassionate solution, oh Indians!

Our Legendary Great Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj
- ग्रांडमास्टर शीफूजी शौर्य भारद्वाज "

"सबसे पहले एक सामान्य भारतीय" "एक देशभक्त ,और एक भारत का सामान्य नागरिक"
A staunch Indian, Chief Commandos Mentor, Commando Trainer , Founder , Headmaster, Inventor , Revolutionary Orator, Kallaripayattu Guru, Gurakkal, GrandMaster ,CCQB Expert.
Link- https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id...

Commandos Mentor(MITTI CCQB) for the National Security Guards (NSG), Black Cat Commandos , (SPU) Special Protection Unit Z+ etc.
(Note- He has never charged a single rupee from any of his services provided the Armed Forces)

Commando Trainer of The Hawk Commandos,Counter Terrorist Group CTG, Special Task Force STF ,Anti Terrorist Squad ATS.

Special MITTI & CCQB Commando Trainer, for Combatants of the Jammu & Kashmir rifles regiment.

Inventor of the following trainings and systems-
No mercy training system for extreme jungle & Urban survival (NMTS),
Shatru Vinashak Killing Skills (S2KS), Extreme Urban warfare mechanism (EUWM),
Methods of Guerrilla Warfare with lethal weapons (MGWLW ),
Lethal Military Unarmed combat (LMUAC), Operational Single Touch Control (OSTC), Special modified close quarter battle (SMCQB),
Special Commandos VIP CQB Protection skills.
Deadliest Single second control methods
MARMAH Arrest methods with & without weapons (MAMW3) etc.

Special Anti Urban Terrorist Tactics Instructor & Mentor for Mumbai Police after 26/11-terror attack.

Founder of Mission Prahar. His target is to train at least a crore women in survival tactics , self defense and he has already trained lakhs of women in rural India.
Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsFRn...

Special CCQB & CCQC Commandos Trainer & Commandos Mentor for the Mumbai QRT Commandos.

Grandmaster,Headmaster, Successor & Founder of Indian warrior monks ,KALARIPAYATTU tradition.

Kallaripayattu Gurukkal GURUSWAMY- (Master of Kallaripayattu The World's oldest & Indian martial arts,Kerala)

Gurukul Hat Yogacharya & Guru of Mr.India (Bharat Yog Samrath & Miss India (Bharat Yog Samragini).

Chief Mentor of few Top Action Directors, Actors , movies, Celebrities & the top most Stunt men.

Chief Action Mentor ,Chief Action Consultant and Chief Move Designer of Movie BAAGHI 2016.

Action Mentor of few of the Top most action celebrities, Action Heroes of Film industry.

Founder and Inventor of "MITTI" the deadly Customised close quarter battle and Customised close quarter combat with and without the SRW & LRW and it is dedicated, invented & developed exclusively for the Indian Elite Special Forces.

Has a national award - Shaheed E Aazam Bhagat Singh Sadbhavna Award.


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