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Afsana (1951) - Full Hindi Movie - Ashok Kumar, Veena, Pran

  March 09, 2015

Watch Afsana (1951) - Full Hindi Movie - Ashok Kumar, Veena, Pran

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Afsana is a 1951 Bollywood family drama film directed by Baldev Raj Chopra and starred Ashok Kumar, Veena, Pran, Kuldip Kaur, Jeevan, Cuckoo, and Baby Tabassum.Ratan and Chaman are twins brothers who love the same girl, Meera. During a fair, all three are separated. While Chaman and Meera are found, Ratan is untraceable. Years later, Chaman is no longer attracted to Meera, but in a dancing girl named Rasily, while Meera awaits word of her childhood sweetheart Ratan, who she feels is still alive. Then the unexpected happens, Chaman gets into a fight with another man, killing him, and is on the run from the police. Misunderstandings are clarified, and the law declares this to be an accidental death, and as a result Chaman returns. But this is not the same Chaman any more. For one thing, he has lost interest in Rasily, and is more interested in Meera - could it be that Ratan has returned in place of Chaman? If so, what has happened to Chaman?
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