It has been more than 100 years since our film industry came into the picture (pun intended) and since then it has only grown. It is as diverse as the genres of movies and has given us films that we enjoy, love, and take inspiration from. While commercial drama and entertainment is the forte of Bollywood, the last couple of years have seen a sudden move towards movies focused on women empowerment, especially in 2018. And unlike the past decade, these women-oriented movies did exceedingly well on the box office and also received critical acclaim. This wave has changed the way Indian audience looks at movies and it has created a massive shift in the content of Bollywood movies. For this we are grateful to the following movies:


This year Bollywood had an extremely controversial beginning with Padmaavat finally getting a release date. Loosely based on the poem Padmavat, it starred Deepika Padukone portraying the central and titular character along with Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor as her co-stars. This was also one of the very few Bollywood movies ever, where the female actor was paid more than her male counterparts. Woot for SLB on this one!