Winter’s almost over and summertime calls for adventures! If you live in or around Hyderabad, there’s plenty to do in order to feel that much-needed adrenaline rush. From nature trails and camping under the stars to indoor activities like archery and shooting, this city is full of options for people looking for some thrills. But with so much to do, it can sometimes get difficult to choose the activity best suited to your needs. So we’re here to help! We’ve listed some of the best activities in Hyderabad below so you can pick out of the choicest of options. Take a look:

1. ATV Rides @ Xtreme Adventure

Xtreme Adventure provides an absolutely thrilling time for people seeking an adventurous one-day trip in Hyderabad. It has everything to keep you excited with its various activities such as ATV riding, box cricket and football, beach volleyball, foosball, archery, air gun shooting, and more.